Why You Need To Get Out Of Your Mental Set-Point

The Metabolic Set Point Theory states that the body has a natural tendency to maintain a specific weight and will adjust internal body processes accordingly. If our bodies goes above or below our set-point range, our metabolism will speed up or slow down to get our weight back in line, which is why we find it so difficult to shift those final few pounds.

When it comes to getting what we want out of life, what we achieve is directly related to what we believe, but years of conditioning has programmed us to happily accept the “I can’t, it’s too difficult, it probably won’t work” mentality and so our mental set-points are primed for failure.

Unlike water that must boil at 100°C and freeze at 0°C, plasticity of the brain means we have the ability to change our mental functioning and so too our mental set-points. By steadily feeding the brain with fresh information and modelling yourself around those who are where you want to be will you be able to create a stronger, more optimistic mindset, one that can evaluate the potential of an idea thoroughly rather than stubbornly ignoring it all together.

“Strategic quitting is the secret of successful organisations  – Seth Godin


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