39# Is Your Brain Limiting Your Entrepreneurial Success? w/ Dr Jack Lewis


In this episode Cem and Wayne talk to Doctor, Neuroscientist and Author of ‘Sort Your Brain Out,’ Dr Jack Lewis to discuss whether some of us are actually wired for entrepreneurship and if not, can we change that?

We talk all things from, changing identities, habit formation, decision making, mindfulness and how technology, in particular virtual reality, could change the way we train our brains forever.

What you’ll hear

Episode Introduction

03:20 Dr Jack’s Introduction

05:00 Are entrepreneurs wired differently?

dopamine reward system

hedonic values

09:45 The role of identity in entrepreneurship.

“Understanding how your brain works can be incredibly empowering.”


13:40 Adolescence and entrepreneurship.

21:00 Steve Job’s reality distortion field / LSD

23:10 “The entrepreneurial spirit is ideal for the current climate because it opens you up to multiple revenue streams.”

24:50 What forms your reality?

systematic thinking mental models

28:50 “We love uncertainty and we hate it.”

31:30 How new information changes your brain.

33:30 How to become more mindful.

38:00 Goal setting and planning fallacy

44:00 How virtual reality may change the world for good or bad.

49:00 “Technology is neither good nor bad, it’s how we use it.”

52:00 “Everything boils down to belief.”

53:30 What can we do to change behavioural habits?

58:00 Why does it often take a massive life event to create change?

1:00:20 Where does willpower come in to neuroscience?

1:03:00 Action steps to sort your brain out.

Most powerful peice of advice you have ever been given?

Never type angry.

Biggest load of nonsense you have ever heard?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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