Overcoming Next Level Syndrome


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In this episode, Cem and Wayne inspired by Philip Mckernan’s book Rich on Paper, Poor on Life discuss why we need to avoid ‘Next Level Syndrome’ when setting our goals for the New Year. We explain why inferiority complexes tend to create ego-driven goals and why calling bullshit on yourself can often lead to more authentic and meaningful intentions for 2016.

What You’ll Hear

03:25 – Setting your goals well in advance

05:00 – Setting authentic goals

08:00 – Stop comparing your blooper reel to everyone else’s highlight reels

12:55 – Are your goals based on short term social validation?

19:55 – Using shortcuts to seek an enlightened state

23:00 – Call bullshit on yourself

28:30 – Working to get to the “self”

34:10 – Sometime you need to just be proud of today.

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