Overcoming The Creativity Crisis

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne ask the question, “Are We In A Creativity Crisis?” With schools pulling the plug on creative subjects and students being pointed away from artistic endeavours, are we moving in the wrong direction and limiting the entrepreneurial, expressive and problem solving potential of our young people?

What You’ll Hear

02:20 – Are we in a creativity crisis?

05:25 – Kids feel that they are less creative as they go through school

07:30 – Have we become afraid to be expressive due to judgment from others?

13:20 – Art and creativity is getting bad press

15:55 – The world no longer needs “yes-men”. It needs innovators

18:10 – Things can always be improved and leveraged with a creative process.

21:10 – Many people are not prepared to be wrong or rejected

22:15 – We are in danger of becoming a society of academics

24:35 – Creative education needs a re-brand

25:45 – Creativity breeds lateral thinking

27:35 – We need to create more relaxed and open creative space in society.

Image Credit: Surian Soosay

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