Podcast #33 – 14 Skills Young People Need To Make Money That Will Never Be Taught In School Inspired By James Altucher

In this episode Cem and Wayne dive in to James Altucher’s ‘Secrets to Personal Finance’ and the many skills that young people need in order to make money and thrive in the digital economy. We cover several points from why we’re never taught how to sell or negotiate, why the education systems avoids creating leaders and why regular re-invention can transform our lives and finances. We also reference several great books and resources on how to become a money making master, build extraordinary relationships and use mindfulness for increased productivity and emotional intelligence.

What you’ll hear

Episode Introduction

04:30 Beginning Quote

“Financial freedom is available to those who learn about it and work for it.” – Robert Kiyosaki

05:00 What does financial freedom mean to you?

08:30 We’re never taught how to sell at school, why not?

09:00 “The only sales copy we are taught in school is how to write a CV and that’s done badly.”


12:30 Book suggestions for improving your sales skills:

12:50 How can we learn to negotiate better?

15:40 Book suggestions for improving your negotiation skills:

16:30 Why are we seriously lacking creativity?

18:10 How To Become An Idea Machine – James Altucher

19:10 Book Suggestions for embracing your newly found creativity:

20:00 How can we become better leaders?

22:50 Leadership Resources:

Michael Hyatt – http://michaelhyatt.com/
Platform University – http://platformuniversity.com/
This is Your Life Podcast – http://michaelhyatt.com/thisisyourlife

23:30 Why do young people suck at networking?

27:30 Book suggestions for building better relationships:

27:50 “Nobody is too good for you to help them.”

28:10 The Art of Charm Podcast 

29:15 Why you need to start living your life by themes not goals.

31:00 Do young people embrace re-invention?

35:00 What is the 1% rule?

36:25 Book recommendation for continuous personal improvement:

37:00 The “Google” Rule

39:00 Why you should give constantly to people in your network.

39:20 “You can have anything you want in life if you help enough people get what they want.” – Zig Zigler

40:20 Book recommendation for becoming a better giver:

41:00 Why we need to learn to embrace failure.

42:30 “I haven’t failed 10,000 times. I found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.” – Thomas Edison

42:40 Why don’t we embrace simple tools to improve productivity?

45:25 Book recommendation for productivity and habit stacking:

46:00 How can we master a field and do we really need to?

50:00 Resources for Mastery:

Top 5 Reasons To Be A Jack Of All Trades 

51:00 Why we need to learn to stop the noise.

54:20 Book recommendations for getting quiet:

55:50 Episode Wrap Up

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