Finding the Right Risk Reward Ratio

In this episode, Cem and Wayne decipher their own thought patterns when it comes to mitigating risk. We explain why figuring out how much risk you can afford both monetary and in sunk time often makes it easier to finally take action as well as understanding that tolerance to risk changes based on positive or negative experiences.

How To Connect With Anyone

In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss ways in which you can reach out to anyone online or in person by being genuinely interested in them. We explain why ‘networking’ as we know it is often too clinical and why being comfortable within yourself makes you more attractive.

How to Beat Overwhelm

In this episode, Cem and Wayne explain how you can avoid overwhelm starting with lowering your expectations of yourself. We discuss how setting personal boundaries inoculates you from other people demands and how controlling your environment and reducing the flow of informations gives you the bandwidth the focus on what really matters.

How to Diagnose A Quarter Life Crisis

quarter life crisis powerful nonsense podcast

We’re back with another Newsjack episode making sense of the latest Millennial news. In this episode we discuss whether or not millennials would be willing to rent their clothes from high-street retailers, why our sandwich addiction is breaking the bank and finally how to diagnose if you’re suffering from a ‘quarter life crisis!’

How To Have A Job On Your Terms


In this episode, Cem and Wayne explain how you can turn you job into something that works for you and your ideal lifestyle and not exclusively your boss’. We delve into why your value and charisma can give you leverage in negotiations and why treating your boss as a client can often give you the emotional distance to ask for … Read More

Smartphones: The Perfect Addiction

smartphone addiction

In this episode, entitled millennials Cem and Wayne debate whether the excessive time spent on our smartphones is actually a good thing! We discuss the positive side of our reliance on smartphones and how connection, convenience and capitalising on the abundance of knowledge and technological advancements is the only way forward.

Could A Portfolio Career Work For You?

Portfolio Career

Is A portfolio career for you? In this episode, Cem and Wayne riff on some of the latest millennial news, discussing everything from the UK not being ready for the fourth industrial revolution to why millennials are going freelance in their droves for improved wellbeing and financial security through portfolio careers and side hustles. Will employer make the right workplace … Read More

How To Become More Resilient


In this episode, Cem and Wayne break down the four ingredients needed to become more resilient. We explain why resilience is an ongoing practice and is part of the development process and why believing you are in control of an outcome can be the most powerful mindset you can adopt.

Moving Home to Chase The Dream

In this episode, Cem and Wayne riff on some of the latest millennial news, whether it’s moving back in with the rents to chase your dreams, lacking action in the bedroom or going cold turkey from social media we cover it all!

Rethinking University w/ Kyle Winey (Part 2)

In this episode, Cem and Wayne continue their conversation with Kyle Winey (author of Hackiversity) about why our approach to university has to change in order to stay relevant to today’s fast moving economy. We cover why networking may be more valuable than your end grades, why technological trends should sway your degree choices and how self awareness is the … Read More