Who Ate All The Pies? Millennials.

In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss reasons why we are set to be the fattest generation and it may have nothing to do with their food choices! Why selfie taking highlights loneliness and why marriage is dying amongst millennials.

Kidults and A.I From Beyond The Grave

In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss why parents could be damaging millennial money mindsets by paying for their rent and/or Netflix. Would you text your dead friend? We talk AI from beyond the grave and finally, is caffeine to blame for your constant tiredness?

The Gig Economy: Mass Exploitation or Mass Liberation?

In this episode, Cem and Wayne defend the gig economy after the backlash stating that it is the “mass exploitation of workers.” We discuss why you should see the ‘gig economy’ as another word for ‘freelancing,’ why it can lead to better business acumen and why perceived instability can actually lead to greater freedom and control over your life and … Read More

Choose Your Own Pornstar: The Face Swap Crisis

In this new style of episode, Cem and Wayne discuss whether Facebook should go ahead with a dislike button, why deepfake technology is raising the debate in online ethics and why big retailers such as Costco will go bust if they don’t take millennial buying habits more seriously.

Episode 200!

In the episode, to celebrate our 200th episode Cem and Wayne decide to quiz each other asking 100 questions a piece both funny and deep to delve into their passions, childhood, fears, future plans and much more. It’s a marathon but you’ll come away feeling a little closer to your podcast hosts!

Could You Go All In?

In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss whether you have the tenacity to go all. We explain why limitless motivation can only be tapped into with an emotionally appealing purpose, why grunt work needs to become second nature and how our drive to do requires some deep self awareness.

How to Become an (Unentitled) Influencer

In this episode, Cem and Wayne break down a recent viral article about a hotel who has banned social media influencers. In this conversation we explain how not to pitch yourself to potential clients, figuring out your value proposition and why the dream to become an influencer may be wrecking the millennial brand!

How Are You Being Perceived?

In this episode, Cem and Wayne question why what you may think makes you seem cool could be the exact reason why people avoid you! Whether it’s choosing the right emoji to accompany a passive aggressive text or your inability to respect peoples personal space on public transport this episode will stop your from coming across to others as a … Read More

Embrace The Sprint

In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss why embracing what techies refer to as a SPRINT (working in highly focused bursts) will help supercharge your productivity in 2018. By breaking your big ideas down into short-term goals and blocking out time to complete them you’ll create an ongoing sense of accomplishment and move forward in whatever you’re hoping to achieve … Read More

Examining the Future of Work Report

In this episode, Wayne gets ranty and Cem tries to control him after we review the Future of Work Commission report realised recently. We cover everything from whether schools should prioritise creativity and interpersonal skills alongside digital and tech-related skills, the need for universal lifelong learning and the ethics of modern education. Be aware, F bombs are in abundance.