Quick Productivity Hack – Creating Lists (Tim Ferriss Podcast)

“Most of our anxiety is worrying we’re going to forgot stuff, not how much stuff we have to do.” – Dr Peter Attia

In Tim Ferriss’ recent podcast with Dr Peter Attia, Peter talks about his productivity hack for getting things done which can be super useful. I’m a big fan of lists but usually put my daily tasks into my iPhone notes which often means I forgot to check in with my long term vision or personal tasks on a daily basis. Below is the system that Dr Peter Attia uses and a link to buy your own cards to give it a go.

Blue Card – Everything To Be Done Today

Pink Card – Everything To Be Done This Week

Green Card – Personal Tasks (Birthday Presents, Renew Insurance etc)

Yellow Card – Long Term Work Related Things (No Deadline)

Book Referred To In The Podcast: Getting Things Done

List Productivity Hack Tim Ferriss