Reinvent Yourself – How To Stay Relevant In A Fast-Changing World

Reinventing Yourself Powerful Nonsense Podcast

In this episode Cem and Wayne talk about why we should all be adopting an anti-fragile approach to life by constantly reinventing ourselves in order to stay relevent and fruitful in our careers, our mindsets and our relationships. They discuss several processes you can follow and touch on some of the challenges you may face such as resistance and how to remain authentic when in a constant state of change.

What you’ll hear

02:00  What is reinvention all about?

07:30 Using your close contacts for developmental guidance.

10:15 Staying relevant in an ever changing world.

12:30 Why are people adverse to reinvention?

14:00 “The longer you hold off reinvention the greater the resistance can grow.”

15:00 Brian Tracey – Entertainment vs Education

16:35 Is reinvention an inauthentic thing to do?

18:20 “To be authentic to yourself as a human you have to be constantly reinventing.”

18:40 Visual reminders for regular reinvention.

20:00 “Most people’s technology consumption is similar to that of junk food but for their brain.”

23:00 James Altucher’s 5 Years of Reinvention

27:00 “Be who YOU want to be, not who other people want you to be.”

30:30 “The choices you make today will be in your biography tomorrow.” – James Altucher

31:45 “Reinvention should never end.”

5 Action Steps For Reinvention

1. Create a vision for your future.
2. Write about your reinvention.
3. Surround yourself with visual reminders of the life you’d like to create.
4. Now that you have a vision of your future, break it up into workable tasks.
5. Every day, go back to that vision of you walking toward your future.

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