Resigning in a Recession

This summer thousands of young graduates will be joining the millions of young unemployed in the UK competing for fewer and fewer jobs, so why on earth am I leaving my stable and rewarding career behind?

Firstly, no I haven’t gone bat shit crazy and secondly, no I haven’t been offered a better job. The truth is – I’ve become too cushty.

Although I’ve greatly improved my skills in both multimedia and digital marketing over the past two years, my current workload and routine have become extremely predictable. I now know exactly which train gets me to work early and which bus avoids the school rush. I know which seat on the train gives me the most legroom and which carriage stops closest to my exit. I know what time the equipment in the gym will be free and what time the manager is likely to corner me for a “quick” chat. I know which days of the week I can fit in the time to see my girlfriend and which weekends I can spend with friends or family. I know what my salary will be at the end of the month and just how quickly it will all be gone again. You wouldn’t watch the same movie everyday so why on earth are we so willing to live the same life everyday?

“Flexibility is better than predictability!” ― Evinda Lepins

As of the 22nd of August I will be beginning my travels around Canada and America for three months and taking the time out to step back and decide what’s next for me. Returning broke and jobless will be the perfect incentive to push my life in a new direction. As the great Eric thomas once said…

“Sometimes you have to be willing to give up what you had in order to get to the new stuff.”

Here goes!