34. Rewiring for Greatness with English Monroe inspired By Tony Robbins & Dr John Demartini.

In this episode Cem, Wayne and English Monroe talk NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how we can use this highly underutilised tool for directing our own brain to achieve our goals. We discuss why self  awareness and introspection is a great place to start when reprogramming your mind. Why we are not our behaviours and how changing your physiology through food and posture can affect your mentality and vice versa. We also share effective exercises that you can do today that will help you to make better decisions and reframe every situation in a way that empowers you.

What you’ll hear

Episode Introduction

4:00 What is NLP?

7:00 “Most of us don’t choose what is programmed in to our subconscious.”

10:00 Why you need to identify your current operating system through introspection.

13:00 “At a young age, your brain doesn’t come with a filter… You have to build it.”

15:00 What draws people to NLP?

17:25 What exercises are involved in NLP? The 4 pillars.

19:30 Words have powerful connotations on your subconscious.

21:40 “How to do something is never the problem. It’s always the why”

Exercise: Write out 200 reasons why the change you want to make will help you get closer to achieving your goals.

23:00 “You don’t need more motivation, you need to increase the value of the action you want to take.”

Dr John Demartini: Value Determination Testhttps://drdemartini.com/value_determination

25:00 What if your current values don’t match your bigger goals?

29:40 “The more details you give your brain on the goals you want to achieve, the more likely you are to reach them.”

31:00 Experiencing an identity crisis when you switch your behaviours.

34:20 Is it a good idea to model yourselves on your heros?

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

37:10 “Own the traits you admire in people, don’t try to imitate them.”

38:30 Using anchoring to relive sensations of success and elation in a given moment.

41:00 How to embrace emotional memories in a way that serves you.

47:00 “You can run your brain as skilfully as Spielberg runs his set.” 


49:00 Exercises you can start doing today to incorporate NLP into your life.

The Science Behind Posture and How It Affects Your Brain http://buff.ly/1ommi90

how posture effects your brain nlp

52:00 How you’ve been programming yourself with your food.

53:30 Using binaural beats to reprogram your brain.

How to Rewire Your Brain with Binaural Beats:  http://buff.ly/1omlWiW

54:00 “Start asking yourself what you do want, not what you don’t want.”

57:00 Episode wrap up!

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