26. Rise Of The Sidepreneur

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why sidepreneurship may be a good starting point for those interested in taking control of their finances and improving their quality of life.  We talk about the reasons why people avoid pursuing a passion project and why managing your time and energy through self love and relationships could be exactly what you need in order to finally take action!

What you’ll hear

New Intro!

Episode Introduction

Beginning Quote

“Work full time of your job and part time on your fortune.” – Jim Rohn

5:40 Why would someone want to be a sidepreneur?

11:30 What holds people back from getting started in sidepreneurship?

12:40 People don’t know how to make money for themselves.

15:35 We don’t know how to sell!

17:00 Entrepreneurs must learn to manage their energy.

20:15 When you’re excited about your passion project your energy naturally increases.

22:50 Using ‘dead time’ to invest in yourself is extremely important.

23:00 Entrepreneurship at its core is self-development.

27:30 You must schedule time in to work on your side project.

30:15 It’s so important to diversify your income.

35:10 This is not a trial run!

37:00 A bad job is like bad friends it will bring you down.

38:10 How do you avoid burnout as a sidepreneur?

44:20 Embrace the cycles, productivity and relaxation go hand in hand.

45:40 How do you avoid complacency as a sidepreneur?

48:40 You don’t want to be in panic mode when starting your side gig.

Actions Steps:

–       Schedule in time to work on your side gig.

–       Have a to do list and stick to it.

–       Surround yourself with likeminded people who are on a similar journey.

End Quote

“Jobs don’t have futures. People do.” –  Earl Nightingale

Episode Wrap up!

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