Set For Life

set for life mindfulness

We’ve all heard the phrase “Set For Life” being thrown around in conversations…

“If I won the lottery, I’d be set for life.”

“If I got that dream job, I’d be set for life.”

“If I found ‘the one,’ we’d be set for life.”

But in all honestly, why would you ever want to be set for life?

Being set for life is a cheap excuse for avoiding growth. It’s steering clear of failure at all costs; it’s your way of hanging up your gloves and wilfully stagnating.

Life is not meant to be easy. The majority of people see obstacles as threats rather than vehicles for learning but it’s this triumph over adversity that builds character and allows us to experience the full range of emotions that our senses can conjure up.

The only time you should ever be ‘set for life’ is when your gravestone is being placed above you. (Tweet This!)

Growth and accomplishments come from a consistent forward motion towards and through the things we fear and there lies a life worth living.

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