You’re Interesting!

You have been chosen specifically because your journey so far has inspired us and we believe you could also add huge value and insights straight in to the ears of our lovely audience of students, sidepreneurs, entrepreneurs and any one looking to build a better life for themselves and others.  During the show, you will get to share your story, lessons an experiences so that others can learn more about you and learn from your mistakes and your biggest wins.

Show Flow & Questions

Skype Call

We will arrange a set time via Skype to put you in the hot seat. My Skype ID is cem.k.yildiz so please add me!


Interviews last from 45 minutes to 1 hour giving you enough time to delivery some serious knowledge bombs and allow us to pick away at your brain.


The topic will be decided prior to the interview in an area where we both believe the most value can be delivered but it’s a free for all conversation so who knows where we may end up (that’s part of the fun).


We’ll go away and do some research on you before the interview and put together some questions that we believe will tease the best knowledge out of you. You won’t see these questions at any point to ensure an organic and natural conversation, we don’t like to have pre-set questions!


Everybody loves books! Have a few favourites in mind to share with our audience.

Getting Social

Feel free to plug all your social media channels, books, websites etc at the end of your episode.

Techi Stuff

Try to be in a quiet room, preferable with a decent mic and headphones. Please fire your internet provider if you’re still running a 56k modem. Sometimes the internet drops during interviews but we can deal with that hurdle if it happens.

That’s all folks. We’re really excited to have you on and remember sharing is caring. We appreciate you.