Start Investing In Your Estate of Mind

Our minds are a fertile land waiting to be built upon, yet without the books and mortarboards the value of our lives can depreciate greatly and our capacity for growth and understanding can become extremely under utilised.

Humans are composed of a series of “states of minds,” a cluster of neural firing patterns that create a persons behaviours, feelings and access to particular memories. For example, every time you put on your sports gear and head out to the gym your brain is actively creating its “exercise state of mind.”

Unfortunately, millions of young people drop out from education every year pushing their “learning states of minds” to one side. Many believe that graduation is the perfect opportunity to wave goodbye to the books and the classroom but the truth – it’s only the start.

“Better is a book than a well built house.” – Eric Thomas

Most of the jobs available nowadays didn’t exist ten years ago.  In the industrial economy, our parents took comfort in knowing that their job for life would probably be the same for life, but for us, the Internet is changing everything. The software I used at university just two years back has changed and so it’s no surprise that I had to change too in order to keep up. Our ability to continuously self educate is survival and currency in the new economy.

“We get paid for bringing value to the market place.” – Jim Rohn.

Don’t lose your value by losing what got you there in the first place. Continuously educate, iterate and stay passionately curios.