36# Starting A Food Business w/ Greg Duggan (WheyHey Ice Cream)


In this episode Cem interviews Wheyhey Ice Cream’s Founder Greg Duggan to discuss the ups and downs of starting a food business.

We talk about how to get attention from the big guys, dealing with rejection and how he found the courage to keep going when £40,000 worth of stock melted!

Greg also explains why it’s extremely important to have a business partner and why universities aren’t doing enough to create young entrepreneurs.

What you’ll hear

Episode Introduction

03:20 Where did the idea come from for healthy ice cream?

06:00 How did you go about validating Wheyhey Ice Cream as a business?

08:00 “A calorie is not a calorie.”

Book: The Calorie Myth

09:00 How did you deal with the initial rejection from the big businesses?

10:00 Writing a poem for Ocado.

11:00 “You’re either working for money or working for your passion.”

12:30 Holding down 3 part time jobs whilst starting Wheyhey ice cream.

15:00 How did you come back from £40,000 worth of ice cream melting?

16:40 “People are always willing to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions”

17:00 How important is it to have a business partner?

18:20 What’s the relationship between health and success?

19:00 How do you know when to bring in the experts?

Dalai lama quote money quote

21:44 “Making money is all a game, don’t get too emotionally involved.”

23:50 “You have to bite at every opportunity that comes your way.”

24:00 What are the fears do most young entrepreneurs come to you with?

25:00 “It’s nothing to do with the idea, it’s ALL about execution.”

25:55 Did university equip you for entrepreneurship?

27:00 Ask yourself WHY do you want to go to university?

28:50 What the most powerful piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The Frog And The Scorpion Tale

31:20 What’s the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard?

35:30 The not so exclusive, exclusive. Banoffee Wheyhey ice cream!

Book Recommendations

Wheyhey Supporting Movemeber Campaign

Greg Duggan Wheyhey Ice Cream Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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