Want To Start A Side Gig? w/ Shawn Manaher

want to start a side gig? Shawn Manaher Powerful Nonsense Podcast

In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Shawn Manaher fellow podcaster to talk about his journey and transition from 9-5 to sidepreneurship to full-time serial entrepreneur. We’ll talk about some of the pitfalls and opportunities in running your business around your corporate job and why keeping your health, relationships and ‘why’ on track are vital to sustaining your energy as an entrepreneur.

What you’ll hear

02:45 – About Shawn Manaher
04:15 – Earning Affiliate online income
06:00 – Scaling content strategies to become more passive
08:00 – Becoming good at something you have no interest in
09:40 – What has changed about online income?
12:10 – “As humans we are inherently lazy”
14:00 – What are you most passionate about?
15:55 – “The things that you find easy in life could be the very skills you need to build your business.”
17:20 – Success breeds success – “I thought I was dying”
20:40 – Why your body is your radar of how things are going in your life
24:20 – “Give yourself a specific time frame to “make it” and specific goals”
27:00 – Deadling with imposter syndrome.
28:55 – Why faking it until you make it doesn’t always work.
29:20 – “You will be influenced by the people around you.”
31:10 – How to focus in on your skill-set
36:20 – What’s the most powerful piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
37:00 – What’s the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard?
38:00 – Be accountable to other people


Best Business Idea Checklist: Sidepreneurs.com/checklist

Contact Shawn

Twitter: @ShawnManaher

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