Stop Creating Insecurity Work

Humans have a great capacity for avoidance. Whether it’s signing up for the gym or finding the time to write that novel you’ve been thinking about for the past four years, whenever the possibility of failure is present so is our ability to create insecurity work.

Insecurity work is the kind of stuff that feels productive but in fact has no intended outcome and doesn’t move the ball forward in any way, it’s the incessant purchasing of business books but never actually starting your own business or reading hundreds of blogs and wishing one day you’ll be brave enough to start your own…

“We seek information to make the anxiety go away.” – Scott Belsky (Making Ideas Happen)

Our constant connectivity and multiple devices have made it easier than ever before to become pointlessly purposeful. Even before I sat down to write this blog, which I intended to finish last week, I found myself adding additional tasks to my ‘to do list’ and doing further research just to give me a reasonable enough excuse for why yesterday or the day before were just not right. Without self-discipline this negative momentum can build up quickly and before long you’ll be beaten down by your own self-loathing.

“The more stressed you are, the more you look for the easy way out.” – Graham Alcott

Distractions are a byproduct of the lizard brain in control. Like any muscles in the body, it’s only when we employ a certain level of heightened awareness and self-discipline that we can learn to use our time more effectively in order to take action on the ideas that really matter.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

The Internet can be an amazing tool for learning but it can easily turn into a weapon of mass distraction, be present, be mindful and remember if what you’re doing isn’t causing you any discomfort, it’s probably not worth doing.