Stop Hiding Your Art

My girlfriend has been redecorating her bedroom and was excited to finally have the opportunity to put up some of the artwork she has been collecting over the years.

She decided that two larger pieces would be situated at the head of her bed and so the attachments were fitted and there hung the beautiful pieces of art.

So what’s the big deal?

Every night before she goes to bed she takes them down, so I asked her why…

“What if they fall on my face whilst I’m sleeping?”

This got me thinking…

In order for us to have beauty and creativity in our lives we must get comfortable with the possibility of it all coming crashing down at any moment. There are no guarantees.

If you’re planning on living a life of growth and creativity, you need to get comfortable with the possibility of being metaphorically smashed in the face, whether that’s through rejection, self doubt or having to start all over.

Remember, experiences trump regret every time. Don’t hide your art from the world for that’s were the life is.