28. Monetisation For Creatives Online

In this episode Cem and Wayne introduce several different ways creatives can monetise their work and art online including, Youtube, eBooks, advertising, affiliates, sponsorship, donations, crowdsourcing, online product creation and services. Will talk about the importance of building your platform and audiences online to gain trust and how you can leverage multiple revenue streams with your art. What you’ll hear … Read More

Entrepreneurs, You Are The Placebo.

We’ve all heard about the power of placebos yet very few of us acknowledge that we are the active substance. “A placebo is a story we tell ourselves that changes the way our brain and our body work.” – Seth Godin In the same way that horoscopes can give someone the permission to find love or be loved; the Four … Read More

27. Putting Your Health First w/ Adam Stansbury

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview personal trainer Adam Stansbury. Adam went from being a top fitness model on the front cover of magazines to being hospitalised after coming down with an autoimmune disease that made him reassess his life and career. Adam shares his wealth of fitness experience and talks about the many reasons why entrepreneurs should prioritise … Read More

26. Rise Of The Sidepreneur

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why sidepreneurship may be a good starting point for those interested in taking control of their finances and improving their quality of life.  We talk about the reasons why people avoid pursuing a passion project and why managing your time and energy through self love and relationships could be exactly what you need … Read More

Five Ice T Quotes On Why Entrepreneurs Need A “Fuck it!” Mentality

1) “Fuck it gets you across that line, that ability to push past the rules.” (Tweet This!) 2) “You don’t get credit for being safe in life.” (Tweet This!) 3) “To take risks you have got to go… fuck it!” (Tweet This!) 4) “Fuck it can help you or harm you.” (Tweet This!) 5) “On the edge is where creation lives.” (Tweet This!) What … Read More

Waiting For The Penny To Drop

I can’t help but notice the unsettled feeling many young people have when they talk about their nine-to-fives. Most often they speak about feeling undervalued, having money insecurities, or worst of all believing that this is it. I don’t know whether it’s just my generation’s heightened egos, a raise in consciousness or a fundamental part of the human condition but … Read More

25. How To Be Happy In 24 Hours w/ James Lambert

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview happiness expert James Lambert. James went from punching people in the face as an illegal bare knuckle fighter to motivation speaker and life coach, he ran 101 marathons to send his friends ill son and their family to Disneyland and recovered from two near fatal motorcycle accidents. He shares how he overcome his … Read More

Five Tips for Graduates From Simon Sinek

1. Seize Opportunities – “There are people who see the thing they want and there are people who see the thing that prevents them from getting the thing they want. You’re allowed to take shortcuts and you’re allowed to go after the thing you want but don’t deny others their opportunity.” 2. Tell The Truth – “You take responsibility for … Read More

#24. Overcoming Perfection Paralysis

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why entrepreneurs get paralysed by the need for perfection when launching their product, business or service. We discuss the possible roots of our perfectionism and why just being good enough is often good enough! What you’ll hear Introduction Beginning Quote: “Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”  ― Salvador Dalí 4:20 … Read More

#23. Who Said You Can’t Be Young and Successful? w/ Blessing Maregere

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview Blessing Maregere, a multi-award winning young entrepreneur, author & inspirational speaker. He started his first business, a cleaning company, at the age of 16, which turned over £10k a month, employed 6 cleaning staff and he did it all in just 3 months. He shares with us how he did it and why … Read More