Why You Should Be Leading From The Bottom

From the moment we leave the womb we enter a world in which our survival relies on our ability to comply with those in authority. First it’s our parents, then it’s our school teachers and finally it’s the boss. It then comes as no surprise that questioning authority is a trait that most of us feel ill equipped and so … Read More

6 Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Iron Man

1. Create Your Own Thick Skin Entrepreneurs like artists are brave enough to bare their souls in the hope of creating something that rocks the world. Anyone with the guts to create will certainly come up against their fair share of critics; building a tough skin helps to keep out the doubters and keep you stomping forward. 2. Use Your … Read More

The Business Card Mentality

This week I met up with one of my closest friends who has started his own business. We got chatting and he told me that he was finding it really tough now that he had officially “started trading.” “Cem, I think I need to hire some interns.” It was there that I realised he was suffering from what I’m going … Read More

Why you should listen to and read about successful people

For the last six months I’ve become fascinated with listening to and reading about successful business people and how they got there. I guess it stems from our natural fascination with the underdog who goes from nothing to conquer his demons and eventually come out on top, but is all this just trivial entertainment or can it be having a … Read More