Manifesting Your Greatest Comeback

In this episode, Cem and Wayne get you back to fighting fit whether that’s your career, business, health or whatever you feel you have lost momentum in we share some ways your can get back to your best and face the challenges that will lead to your future successes.

A Chronic Case Of Happiness

In this episode, Cem and Wayne riff about popular culture promoting happiness as a destination we should all be striving for. We discuss why the bad times often lead to the most growth, why being unhappy is often the nudge you need into a new direction and why happiness is not something we get but a state we naturally dip … Read More

Expect The Dip

The other day I was helping my girlfriend tidy her room (not the one in the picture, she’d kill me) but it wasn’t far from it! The thing with tidying a room is that once you begin there’s a point – usually an hour or so in – that you realise things are worse than when you started.

Want To Start A Side Gig? w/ Shawn Manaher

want to start a side gig? Shawn Manaher Powerful Nonsense Podcast

In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Shawn Manaher fellow podcaster to talk about his journey and transition from 9-5 to sidepreneurship to full-time serial entrepreneur. We’ll talk about some of the pitfalls and opportunities in running your business around your corporate job and why keeping your health, relationships and ‘why’ on track are vital to sustaining your energy as … Read More

36# Starting A Food Business w/ Greg Duggan (WheyHey Ice Cream)


In this episode Cem interviews Wheyhey Ice Cream’s Founder Greg Duggan to discuss the ups and downs of starting a food business. We talk about how to get attention from the big guys, dealing with rejection and how he found the courage to keep going when £40,000 worth of stock melted! Greg also explains why it’s extremely important to have … Read More

Set For Life

set for life mindfulness

We’ve all heard the phrase “Set For Life” being thrown around in conversations… “If I won the lottery, I’d be set for life.” “If I got that dream job, I’d be set for life.” “If I found ‘the one,’ we’d be set for life.” But in all honestly, why would you ever want to be set for life?

32. F**k, I Didn’t Get The Grades!

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why not getting the grades could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. We talk about the unique opportunities that are available to those leaving the educational system. The many ways in which the digital economy has made it easier than ever to build your own (free) education as well … Read More