How To Turn Your F*ck Ups Into Inspiring Stories

How To Turn Your F*ck Ups Into Inspiring Stories Powerful Nonsense Podcast

Image Credit Chris Potter In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss why being vulnerable and sharing your failures can help you to connect with others. We’ll teach you how to turn your f*ck ups in to inspiring stories that will attract mentors, investors, peers and anyone else who can push you forward in your entrepreneurial journey.

37# Lessons in Crushing It Online Inspired By Gary Vaynerchuk


In this episode Cem and Wayne curate lessons learned from Gary Vaynerchuk’s books, “Crush It” and “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” in order to help you to succeed online. We talk about why having a social media profile automatically makes you a media company, why you should be creating content around the psychology of your audience / customer and why … Read More