How To Find Your Niche And Why It Matters

In this episode, Cem and Wayne share their learning’s from the Key Person of Influence seminar. We explain why finding your niche matters more than ever and how you can use free online tools and some introspection to find out what lights you up and build a business around that.

Expect The Dip

The other day I was helping my girlfriend tidy her room (not the one in the picture, she’d kill me) but it wasn’t far from it! The thing with tidying a room is that once you begin there’s a point – usually an hour or so in – that you realise things are worse than when you started.

32. F**k, I Didn’t Get The Grades!

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why not getting the grades could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. We talk about the unique opportunities that are available to those leaving the educational system. The many ways in which the digital economy has made it easier than ever to build your own (free) education as well … Read More

Why Knowledge Doesn’t Always Equal Power

If knowledge is really power, with the abundance of graduates and PHD students, we should be well on our way to solving the world’s greatest problems. But we’re not. Knowledge only becomes power when combined with passion and applied to a worthy cause.  Thousands of graduates leave education brimming with ambition, only to be quickly inoculated with a heavy dose … Read More

28. Monetisation For Creatives Online

In this episode Cem and Wayne introduce several different ways creatives can monetise their work and art online including, Youtube, eBooks, advertising, affiliates, sponsorship, donations, crowdsourcing, online product creation and services. Will talk about the importance of building your platform and audiences online to gain trust and how you can leverage multiple revenue streams with your art. What you’ll hear … Read More

Entrepreneurs, You Are The Placebo.

We’ve all heard about the power of placebos yet very few of us acknowledge that we are the active substance. “A placebo is a story we tell ourselves that changes the way our brain and our body work.” – Seth Godin In the same way that horoscopes can give someone the permission to find love or be loved; the Four … Read More

9 Ways To Overcome Underdog Psychosis Inspired By Skepta

1. Just because you don’t fit in to the system doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. “We run our schools like factories. We line kids up in straight rows, put them in batches, and work very hard to make sure there are no defective parts. Nobody standing out, falling behind, running ahead, making a ruckus.” – Seth Godin Systems are … Read More

#6 – What Will Jobs Of The Future Look Like?

In this episode Wayne and Cem discuss why you should be considering what your job will look like in the coming years, whether you’ll be working with or against intelligent machines as well as insights on how you can future-proof your career. What you’ll hear 00.00 – Introduction 02.00 – Are we working with or against intelligent machines? 05.00 – Which … Read More

New! Powerful Nonsense Podcast.

The new Powerful Nonsense Podcast is now live! Every fortnight Wayne & I will talk entrepreneurship, mindfulness and getting ahead in the digital economy. In no way do we believe we have all the answers, we just enjoy chatting about this stuff and hope that there may be some golden nuggets of information amongst our nattering that may be of … Read More