Why Failure Makes You Better w/ David McQueen

In this episode, Cem and Wayne sit down with businessman, international speaker, coach and mentor David McQueen to discuss why failure is not fatal, how passions can change and why you should embrace backwards planning for better results in life and businesses.

Turning Problems into Profit and Other Life Lessons w/ Ash Ali


In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Growth Hacker and Start-up Founder Ash Ali who worked as part of the senior management team at Just-Eat, securing over £10.5 million in VC funding and has recently started his own company Fare Exchange, an online platform for minicabs businesses to manage and grow their client base. Ash shares his entrepreneurial journey from … Read More

36# Starting A Food Business w/ Greg Duggan (WheyHey Ice Cream)


In this episode Cem interviews Wheyhey Ice Cream’s Founder Greg Duggan to discuss the ups and downs of starting a food business. We talk about how to get attention from the big guys, dealing with rejection and how he found the courage to keep going when £40,000 worth of stock melted! Greg also explains why it’s extremely important to have … Read More

6 Ways To Improve Your Life By Noah Kagan

1. GEBY – Engineer A Great Morning Adopt this process for your morning routine to get more out of your day: G: Be grateful for seemingly small things in your life. E: Make exercise a priority (and not just in a gym). B: Eat a healthy breakfast. Y: Do something just for you. (E.g. Go to your favorite restaurant) Find … Read More

32. F**k, I Didn’t Get The Grades!

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why not getting the grades could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. We talk about the unique opportunities that are available to those leaving the educational system. The many ways in which the digital economy has made it easier than ever to build your own (free) education as well … Read More

Why The Dragons Were Wrong w/ Akeem Ojuko (The Wild Peanut)


In this episode Cem and Wayne interview Akeem Ojuko, creator of The Wild Peanut. We delve into the aftermath of his experience in front of the dragons in BBC’s Dragons Den and find out how and why he decided to pursue entrepreneurship starting with his Ebay business at the age of 16! We discuss the pros and cons of the … Read More

30. Millennial Misunderstandings w/ Mallie Rydzik

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview Millennial Coach Mallie Toth Rydzik. Mallie is on a mission to show the world that there’s an alternative to giving up five days of your life to your cubicle job and why you shouldn’t let your career define you. We discuss whether being a Millennial is more of a mindset than an age … Read More

28. Monetisation For Creatives Online

In this episode Cem and Wayne introduce several different ways creatives can monetise their work and art online including, Youtube, eBooks, advertising, affiliates, sponsorship, donations, crowdsourcing, online product creation and services. Will talk about the importance of building your platform and audiences online to gain trust and how you can leverage multiple revenue streams with your art. What you’ll hear … Read More

26. Rise Of The Sidepreneur

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why sidepreneurship may be a good starting point for those interested in taking control of their finances and improving their quality of life.  We talk about the reasons why people avoid pursuing a passion project and why managing your time and energy through self love and relationships could be exactly what you need … Read More

Five Ice T Quotes On Why Entrepreneurs Need A “Fuck it!” Mentality

1) “Fuck it gets you across that line, that ability to push past the rules.” (Tweet This!) 2) “You don’t get credit for being safe in life.” (Tweet This!) 3) “To take risks you have got to go… fuck it!” (Tweet This!) 4) “Fuck it can help you or harm you.” (Tweet This!) 5) “On the edge is where creation lives.” (Tweet This!) What … Read More