How To Get A Potential Employers Attention The Gary Vaynerchuk Way

The CV is dying, dead, gone. You decide. With so much competition nowadays and your digital resume being one click away from the trashcan or pushed into email oblivion by the thousands of others following yours, you probably need to decide on an alternative approach in order to cut through the noise and get yourself out there.

How To Save £53,300 On Your Education

How Much Does A Lawyer Earn

If like most young people, throughout your life you have been told that university is the pinnacle of your education and will lead to a bigger paycheque then like most people you will probably be considering going. The problem that many young people face is not only choosing what they want to spend the next three years of their lives … Read More

32. F**k, I Didn’t Get The Grades!

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why not getting the grades could be the best thing that has ever happened to you. We talk about the unique opportunities that are available to those leaving the educational system. The many ways in which the digital economy has made it easier than ever to build your own (free) education as well … Read More

Why The Dragons Were Wrong w/ Akeem Ojuko (The Wild Peanut)


In this episode Cem and Wayne interview Akeem Ojuko, creator of The Wild Peanut. We delve into the aftermath of his experience in front of the dragons in BBC’s Dragons Den and find out how and why he decided to pursue entrepreneurship starting with his Ebay business at the age of 16! We discuss the pros and cons of the … Read More

18 Quotes On Self-Renewal By John W. Gardner

I just finished reading Self-Renewal – the Individual & the Innovative Society (Paper) by John W. Gardner which I found extremely thought provoking and motivating as a young person, here are my favourite book clippings! “A society decays when its institutions and individuals lose their vitality.” “A society must court the kinds of change that will enrich and strengthen it, rather than … Read More

Why Knowledge Doesn’t Always Equal Power

If knowledge is really power, with the abundance of graduates and PHD students, we should be well on our way to solving the world’s greatest problems. But we’re not. Knowledge only becomes power when combined with passion and applied to a worthy cause.  Thousands of graduates leave education brimming with ambition, only to be quickly inoculated with a heavy dose … Read More

26. Rise Of The Sidepreneur

In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why sidepreneurship may be a good starting point for those interested in taking control of their finances and improving their quality of life.  We talk about the reasons why people avoid pursuing a passion project and why managing your time and energy through self love and relationships could be exactly what you need … Read More

25. How To Be Happy In 24 Hours w/ James Lambert

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview happiness expert James Lambert. James went from punching people in the face as an illegal bare knuckle fighter to motivation speaker and life coach, he ran 101 marathons to send his friends ill son and their family to Disneyland and recovered from two near fatal motorcycle accidents. He shares how he overcome his … Read More

9 Ways To Overcome Underdog Psychosis Inspired By Skepta

1. Just because you don’t fit in to the system doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. “We run our schools like factories. We line kids up in straight rows, put them in batches, and work very hard to make sure there are no defective parts. Nobody standing out, falling behind, running ahead, making a ruckus.” – Seth Godin Systems are … Read More