Why Self-Improvement Is Often What You Stop And Not What You Start

Self improvement is big business, whether it’s books, seminars, personal coaching or kale, there’s a never ending stream of things we can do to improve ourselves but have you ever taken a moment to think what would happen if you decided that instead of starting something new you would just stop?

Stop Hiding Your Art

My girlfriend has been redecorating her bedroom and was excited to finally have the opportunity to put up some of the artwork she has been collecting over the years. She decided that two larger pieces would be situated at the head of her bed and so the attachments were fitted and there hung the beautiful pieces of art. So what’s … Read More

Is Your Facebook Feed Really Serving You?

Have you ever found yourself logged in to someone else’s Facebook account? It’s amazing how easily you can judge a person’s character based on the posts that appear in their feed and it’s why online marketing is becoming more powerful than ever but have you ever stopped to consider whether YOUR feed is really serving you?

How To Save £53,300 On Your Education

How Much Does A Lawyer Earn

If like most young people, throughout your life you have been told that university is the pinnacle of your education and will lead to a bigger paycheque then like most people you will probably be considering going. The problem that many young people face is not only choosing what they want to spend the next three years of their lives … Read More

Set For Life

set for life mindfulness

We’ve all heard the phrase “Set For Life” being thrown around in conversations… “If I won the lottery, I’d be set for life.” “If I got that dream job, I’d be set for life.” “If I found ‘the one,’ we’d be set for life.” But in all honestly, why would you ever want to be set for life?

Why Small Exposures To Fear Increases Your Chances Of Taking Action

Have you ever walked down an escalator that isn’t working? As you get to the bottom and step off you’re suddenly jerked forward as if the escalator was actually on! Our clever brains have spent years priming us through repetition to rebalance and recalibrate to make sure we don’t fall over and so that weird jerking sensation is created to … Read More

6 Ways To Improve Your Life By Noah Kagan

1. GEBY – Engineer A Great Morning Adopt this process for your morning routine to get more out of your day: G: Be grateful for seemingly small things in your life. E: Make exercise a priority (and not just in a gym). B: Eat a healthy breakfast. Y: Do something just for you. (E.g. Go to your favorite restaurant) Find … Read More