Technology in Education – Why We’re Missing The Point

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In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss why the education system is constantly playing catch up with technology and why coding classes, textbooks on ipads and digital whiteboards are missing the point when it comes to lauching the classroom of the future. We talk about how education needs to move from knowing to doing, from teacher centered to student centered, from individual to team work in order for students to become economically independent once they leave.

What you’ll hear

Beginning Quote: “Handing everyone a tablet will not push education into the future.”

05:20 Why is technology so important in the classroom?

06:40 How technology is changing the workforce.

08:30 Has the education system handicapped our children?

09:30 Should IT be a core subject?

12:00 “Jobs are disappearing, everyone will eventually be fired.”

13:20 Are we too late?

16:30 “We’re wasting a whole lot of energy trying to get people to remember things, when they should be outsourced to a search engine.”

18:00 What happens when students become the teachers?

20:00 What is education actually for?

21:40 “We need to look at what the world looks like now and build a new education system from there.”

23:00 Are we measuring the wrong things?

24:00 “Grades have become a commodity.”

25:30 Why the focus should move from knowing to doing.

26:50 “Young people don’t know how to bring value to the market.”

28:00 Why subjects need to be collaborative rather than standalone.

33:30 Is virtual reality the future of education?

37:00 “Education cannot be one size fits all.”

Closing Quote: “Create artists not workers. Grades are an illusion, passion and insight is what matters.” – Seth Godin

Books Referenced

Average Is Over

The Trap

Ready Player One

Stop Stealing Dreams: What is School For?

Further Viewing

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“We’ve arranged society based on sciences and technology in which nobody knows about science and technology.” – Carl Sagan

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