The Art of Clay Pigeon Shooting.

The Art Of Clay Pigeon Shootiing

To be successful at clay pigeon shooting you must have excellent foresight, it’s not about aiming where the target is, but instead aiming where you think it’s going to be.

Unfortunately, not enough people apply this philosophy to their own lives and so they get themselves so tied up contemplating their current situation that they restrict any energy from flowing in to creating a better future.

By accepting where you’re at and visualising where you’d like to be, you’re able to put intention into motion. As Emerson reminded us “The ancestor to every action is thought.”

If thing aren’t going your way right now, take the time to consider where you’d like to be and let your brain go to work on creating opportunities. Once you can see that first step and are inspired by a purpose, things will begin to gain momemtum. Remember, where attention goes energy flows.