The Bushido Code: Why Entrepreneurs Must Become Samurai Warriors Of The Web

The Bushido Code powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne explore the Bushido Code (武士道?), literally “the way of the warrior,” the Japanese Samurai philosophy and how we can apply these eight ancient moral codes (not the killing parts) to becoming warriors of the web, loyal to serving others through their entrepreneurial endeavours.

What you’ll hear

02:00 – The Way of the Warrior

03:20 – I: Rectitude or Justice

07:10 – II : Courage

10:00 – III: Benevolence or Mercy

13:25 – IV: Politeness

16:20 – V: Honesty and Sincerity

20:20 – VI: Honour

23:50 – VIII: Loyalty

27:35 – VIII: Character and Self-Control


Bushido, the Soul of Japan, – Inazo Nitobe

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