The Business Of Art w/ Suli Breaks (Part 2)


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In part two of this interview, Cem and Wayne interview spoken word artist and Youtuber Suli Breaks to delve into what it really takes to not only build the confidence and mindset to pursue your art but also how to turn it into a viable business. Suli shares some of his biggest failures and how he overcame them, why books where some of his greatest mentors and why there’s no concept of ‘giving up’ when you’re

What You’ll Hear

2:30 – Concious controversy from a relatable stance

5:50 – Embracing your art at the expense of your J.O.B?

09:15 – The fuck it mentality and going all in

14:00 – Go all in or get a safety net?

16:25 – Being deliberate in your destination

18:55 – Everyone has the opportunity

19:50 – There is no blueprint

20:45 – The line between art and “selling out”.

26:00 – Treating your art as a business

33:20 – The future of technology for artists

35:20 – Moral leadership and being aware of your environment

37:55 – Books that saved my life

42:25 – The most Powerful piece of advice ever been given

44:00 – The biggest load of nonsense ever heard.

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