The Cold Hard Truth: Why You're Unemployed

The Cold Hard Truth - Why You're Unemployed Poweful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne expose some of the real reasons why you’re still unemployed. We discuss issues such as cognitive biases caused from hearing/reading about the difficulties of finding work, wanting a job for jobs sake not out of passion and finally relying too heavily on your credentials on paper rather than your personality and experiences.

What You’ll Hear

04:40 – Qualifications do not entitle you to a job

07:40 –  Are you suffering from the cognitive bias?

10:45 –  Are you being too complacent?

12:10 – Expertise is a saturated market

12:40 – If you try for a job for the money, you’ll lose out to someone with passion.

16:15 – You’re being too picky

17:25 – Work the stop gap job into your bigger picture and know where you’re going

20:00 – Re-frame the questions you’re asking yourself

24:15 – You’ve not been pro-active in gaining experience and interest

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