The Idol Reflection

We each have someone who we admire, someone who we wish we could look, act or think more similarly to, but are idols a positive part of our culture or do they get in the way of us learning to embrace ourselves?

“Every one of us is, even from his mother’s womb, a master craftsman of idols.” – John Calvin

For centuries we have looked to idols for inspiration and guidance. We choose people to admire who pander to our volatile egos and in doing so, either help or hinder us in building our own personal narratives. In a world that profits greater from the materialistic and physical traits of those in the spotlight, idols can become addictive and destructive in nature when marketed towards those who are most vulnerable. Young people who lack self-confidence and mindfulness can easily be seduced off path into living through somebody elses success.

“Adoration is a sign of an infant civilization.” ― Toba Beta

We all want somebody to follow because they’re a reflection of the person we want to be but it’s down to to us to channel this energy and desire into growing and motivating ourselves into becoming the person we know we really are. The best idols are the ones that help us on that journey.

Find Yourself

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