The Imagination Economy: Are Ideas The New Currency?

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne discuss whether or not ideas are becoming the new currency based on James Altucher’s book “How To Become An Idea Machine.” We also explore why companies are desperate to hire innovators in order to avoid becoming obsolete in these fast changing industries and finally whether our education system is doing enough to enhance the imaginations and idea generating potential of students today.

What You’ll Hear

01:40 – Become an idea machine and have plenty of idea sex

05:15 – Take some time to generate ideas and find the one that won’t go away

07:50 – Having regular “shower moments”

09:50 – Ideas have no value without execution

11:50 – Taking an idea from your head and writing it down can bring clarity

13:20 – Innovate or perish

18:25 – Innovation comes from combining two different ideas in a new way

19:30 – Schools are not embracing technology at the foundational level

22:40 – The way we learn has fundamentally changed

23:45 – Creativity is born from limitations

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