The Myth of the Overnight Success (Part 1) w/ Femi Oyeniran

The Myth of the Overnight Success (Part 1) w/ Femi Oyeniran Powerful Nonsense Podcast Featured

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Femi Oyeniran, Actor (Kidulthood & Adulthood), Director (It’s A Lot), Producer and Entrepreneur. In this two-part podcast we delve into the truth behind the overnight success, why saying ‘yes’ can open up a world of opportunities and why keeping a close eye on your inevitable demise will often give you clarity for taking action today.

What You’ll Hear

03:20 – How Femi fell into acting

07:00 – You never know when opportunity is going to appear

09:25 – “I didn’t know you could make money from doing it”.

11:05 – Stars are a lot more reachable now and there’s a lower level of entry

14:05 – “I didn’t know what a big deal it was at the time”

16:05 – “I was nervous because my phone wasn’t ringing”

18:20 – The crash back to reality

22:10 – You have to capitalise on your success

23:40 – Creating a career for yourself

25:55 – Give yourself options in life

27:45 – People who are successful focus on their craft

29:30 – Do as much as you can to build your

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