The Negative Bias

Everyday when I sit down to write the following thoughts cross my mind…

  • Does anybody care about what I have to say?
  • Am I wasting my time?
  • Will anybody even read it?
  • Is it worth the effort?
  • Am I just being egotistic?

Our brains constantly search for things to think about and unfortunately for us these tend to bias toward negativity. The reason for this is that negative thoughts fixate attention with more stickiness than positive or neutral thoughts, this function stems from our caveman days, which helped us to stay alert to possible threats.

Nowadays, we no longer have to worry about physical threats such as saber-toothed tigers yet our brain continues to protect us from emotional threats such as embarrassment, shame and failure.

The problem with this is that creativity demands that we expose ourselves to these dangers and so it’s about time we learn to unlearn these thought patterns and begin to question the validity of their existence.

  • I enjoy writing blogs
  • It forces me to learn new things
  • Having just one reader makes it all worthwhile
  • It has improved my writing
  • It’s better than watching Jersey Shore.

You’re brain will naturally jump to the negative thought first, next time is does take a moment to question how valid it really is and instead write down a more desirable outcome.

Soon enough this process will become second nature and you’ll find yourself getting a lot more done.

Sabre Tooth Tiger