The Ultimate 9 to 5 Escape Plan w/ Junior Ogunyemi (Part 1)

The Ultimate 9 to 5 Escape Plan with Junior Ogunyemi Part 1

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne welcome Junior Ogenyemi back to the show to talk about his latest book ‘Young ‘Fed Up’ Professionals’ which aims to finally help readers answer that all important question… “When, and how do I leave my 9-to-5 and start that business?” Junior has identified 6 strategies that leave no room for excuses so that you can make that life changing prison break and enjoy the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship.

What You’ll Hear

02:30 – Introducing Young Fed Up Professionals

05:00 – A job is not the only way to fulfil your passion

07:10 – A job is not as secure an option as you think

08:50 – Is your job at risk due to technology?

09:30 – Are millenials more aware of the risk or is being an entrepreneur just sexy?

11:00 – Potential vs Actual – mindset is everything

13:00 – It’s not money that makes the world go round. It’s ideas

17:35 – Develop your creative entrepreneurial mind

18:35 – Which farm animal are you?

20:00 – Are you a donkey?

20:40 – Are you a chicken?

21:20 – Are you a cow?

23:50 – Are you a lamb?

24:10 – Are you a fox?

24:55 – Are you a mouse?

25:45 – Which path must you take to escape the prison?

31:20 – The difference between an entrepreneur and a gambler

32:15 – The entrepreneurial lifestyle may not be as glamorous as it seems

37:00 – Whatever you’re doing for one employer you can do for multiple clients

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