What Doesn’t Kill Us… Turning Adversity into Creative Growth w/ Amy Oestreicher (Part 2)

What Doesn't Kill Us... Turning Adversity into Creative Growth with Amy Oestreicher Part 2 Powerful Nonsense Podcast

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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Amy Oestreicher who went from “survivor” to “thriver” when at the age of 18 her stomach exploded and her life was thrown into a new trajectory. After 2 months in a coma, 27 surgeries and spending 6 years unable to eat or drink, through her art, performance and motivational speaking Amy now aims to inspire others to embrace their innate creativity, develop a deeper sense of gratitude and resilience so that we can learn to see the challenges of our lives as opportunities for growth.

What You’ll Hear

06:15 – Using the art of others for inspiration

08:25 – Dealing with not being able to eat or drink for 6 years

18:50 – Therapeutic lying

22:30 – Creating a musical of a challenging story

25:44 – The challenges we face are relative

32:30 – Have a love of life

33:15 – “What’s the most powerful piece of advice you’ve ever been given?”

34:25 – “What’s the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard?”

03:15 – Leveraging limitations to fuel your creativity

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