Turning Problems into Profit and Other Life Lessons w/ Ash Ali


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In this episode, Cem and Wayne interview Growth Hacker and Start-up Founder Ash Ali who worked as part of the senior management team at Just-Eat, securing over £10.5 million in VC funding and has recently started his own company Fare Exchange, an online platform for minicabs businesses to manage and grow their client base. Ash shares his entrepreneurial journey from building e-commerce websites in his attic at the age of 19, why young people are ill equipped to make the most of the entrepreneurial revolution and why your personal brand and what you stand for matters.

What You’ll Hear

04:10 – Who is Ash Ali?

09:50 – Building websites before it was “a thing”

15:25 – Accidentally discovering an unexpected online market

19:00 – Knowing where to place your attention

26:00 – Developing the ability to see trends and gaps in the market

29:00 – Vitamins vs Painkillers

37:40 – Defining FareExchange

41:45 – How can we help students to find potential solutions to problems

49:15 – Where is the gap between box ticking and providing value

53:15 – Where opportunity lies today

56:35 – Using online platforms to get your dream job by providing value

01:01:30 – The most powerful piece of advice I’ve been given

01:02:25 – The biggest load of nonsense I’ve ever heard

01:03:25 – Must reads books

01:06:30 – Your education only really starts when you get out into the real world

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