#19. Upgrade Your Thinking: Life 2.0 w/ English Monroe

In this episode Cem and Wayne take a back seat to interview English Monroe, Creative Director of FIVEPOUNDTEE.COM to discuss why we need to upgrade our thinking in order to reach our full potential. English talks about his journey through music, mma and fashion, battling depression and suicidal thoughts and how he used the internet as a resource to not only help him through the tough times but to also build a thriving mindset capable of winning at both business and life.

What you’ll hear


03:00 English Monroe Introduction

07:55 Your business shouldn’t be separate from who you are.

09:50 You have to know where you want to go.

12:00 Curiosity saved my life.

12:49 I realised I needed to change my mind.

15:35 If you can change your thinking you can change your life.

20:37 Seeing initial results is hugely motivating to keep going.

22:35 The one thing you need in your life is you, everything else is not disastrous to lose.

23:25 You are the only person that can crush you.

24:20 Society is too focused on what you do, what you have, not who you are.

26:20 It’s alright not to like yourself, then you’ve got something to work on.

27:20 Awareness of choice is a higher function of being.

30:22 Create a picture in your mind of who you’d like to be like.

31:10 “We’re human beings not human doings.”

34:30 Hang around with people who are in alignment with your values.

36:05 Having a concrete desire is good place to start.

38:05 Your quality of life is about the quality of your connections.

45:15 People in business spend a lot of time doing but not enough time thinking.

45:30 You often do the most damage when you’re doing nothing but thinking.

47:05 When people eventually ask me “how did you make this big successful business,” I’ll say, “I googled it.”

47:20 The difficult side of business is having the mindset to get things done.

48:40 You’ve got to keep telling yourself you’ll figure it out.

50:30 Avoid getting caught up in the comparison trap.

53:44 Your mind lies to you. It always undersells your ability. Awareness of that is key.

58:30 A lot of success comes down to simply un-complicating things.

59:45 You have to reconnect with your ‘why’ daily.

1:02:20 Failures come daily, you just have to get better at how you react.

1:03:40 You need to be serious about life but not about things.

Action Steps

1. Get some ‘me’ time – Keep free of any influences other than your own mind to find out what you really want.

VIDEO: Perfect Average Day Exercise

2.  Always be learning – There’s a certain respect you get when you take your craft seriously.

3. Use Visualisation – In whatever you’re after, you have to learn to entertain an idea in order to take action. Learn to suspend your disbelief.

1:10:50 Episode wrap up

Twitter: @EnglishMonroe1

Youtube: English Monroe Youtube Channel – This Is Growth!


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