Upgrade Your Thinking

Every year technology companies spend millions of pounds updating their operating systems in order to stay in the game. Microsoft recently brought us Windows 8 and Apple, OS X Mountain Lion but when was the last time you did an upgrade on your own system?

Too many people accept their old way of thinking even when they haven’t been getting the desired results for years. How many times have you heard someone use the excuse “I’m just not that kind of person” or “that’s just not me” only to continue plodding on with blind hope that something may just change off it’s own accord.

“Real success doesn’t come from luck. It’s YOU and the choices you make.” – Loren Ridinger

Think about it, if you we’re a product in the Tech Industry you’d have been outdated and discontinued years ago, so why on earth do you think you should be getting anything more from life without putting in?

Our brains are plastic for a reason; they’re ready for change. If you’re not getting the results you want out of life or you’re fed up with your lack of motivation it’s your internal system shouting ‘I’m due an upgrade!’

Most people are still running on the old operating system; pick up a book, start exercising, learn something new – you owe it to yourself, isn’t it about time you upgraded your thinking?

Upgrade your life