Waiting For The Big Break

Every time we get a new guest on the podcast I get super excited and then the next thought that comes to mind is will this interview be THE ONE?

By THE ONE I mean the tipping point, the big break, the viral hit. That moment when we go from a few thousands listeners a month to tens of thousands, where people start emailing in telling us just how great we are, sponsors want to throw money at us and this passion projects becomes bigger than we could have ever imagined!

The ego is clever.

It twinkles a shiny object in the distance and in a here kitty kitty fashion it teases us with nirvana, but like a mirage in the dessert it quickly disappears the moment you get close enough to touch it.

When we started the podcast a single listener excited me but the ego runs on diminishing returns and so the carrot has to continuously increase in size in order for us to feel a sense of progress.

The ego is the lifeblood of motivation but in its lustful state it can often blind us from the true pleasure that is found in the process.

Everybody wants a big break, a pat on the back, recognition that your efforts weren’t in vain but being able to take moment and look back at just how far you’ve come is often the gratitude we need to humble the heart today.

About the Author

Cem Yildiz


Other than running the Powerful Nonsense blog and podcast, Cem is a health nut and digital content producer to charities and small businesses.

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