Waiting For The Penny To Drop

I can’t help but notice the unsettled feeling many young people have when they talk about their nine-to-fives. Most often they speak about feeling undervalued, having money insecurities, or worst of all believing that this is it.

I don’t know whether it’s just my generation’s heightened egos, a raise in consciousness or a fundamental part of the human condition but we all feel the need to have some kind of impact in the world that is greater than ourselves.

Unfortunately our ‘modern’ education system has trained us to strive for predictability and a world free from surprises selling us short on our potential to have any kind of meaningful impact.

“Better to put your heart on the line, risk everything, and walk away with nothing than play it safe.” – Mandy Hale (Click to Tweet This)

Just like those 2p machines down at the seaside, our economy and nine-to-five system is being shaken up from beneath our feet. There’s only so much longer we can hold on to the status quo before people are forced to make the leap into entrepreneurship, it won’t be pretty but with some small adjustments the potential for creativity and impact will be greater than ever before.