#6 – What Will Jobs Of The Future Look Like?

In this episode Wayne and Cem discuss why you should be considering what your job will look like in the coming years, whether you’ll be working with or against intelligent machines as well as insights on how you can future-proof your career.

What you’ll hear

00.00 – Introduction

02.00 – Are we working with or against intelligent machines?

05.00 – Which jobs will be going first?

09.00 – Early warning signs of automation

10.00 – Humans are complex, robots don’t have a bad day

12:00 – Will drones be doing your food shopping?

14:00 – Automation is happening now!

15:00 – Should we be afraid?

16:00 – Does technology create more meaningful jobs

18:00 – Why are we still teaching our young people outdated skill sets

19:00 – The rise of self-educators

21:00 – Learning through curiosity

22:00 – What will the jobs of the future look like?

23:00 – Technology as a partner in your career

25:00 – Seeing menial tasks as business opportunities

26:00 – Is the Internet the new platform for employment

28.00 – passive users vs. active users online

29.00 – The importance of becoming a leader and creating a tribe

30.00 – Action steps for making your career future-proof

 33:00 – Episode wrap up

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