Whatever It Takes w/ Suli Breaks (Part 1)


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In part one of this two part interview, Cem and Wayne interview spoken word artist and Youtuber Suli Breaks to delve into what it really takes to not only build the confidence and mindset to pursue your art but also how to turn it into a viable business. Suli shares some of his biggest failures and how he overcame them, why books where some of his greatest mentors and why there’s no concept of ‘giving up’ when you’re pursuing your true passion.

What You’ll Hear

02:40 – The fear of reaching your full potential
05:20 – Measuring a successful day by how you feel not by what you’ve done
08:00 – Find value in the “wasteful days”.
09:55 – If you’re truly passionate, there’s no concept of giving up.
11:25 – Pursuing passion will often create new and unexpected avenues
14:00 – Going through the motions of academia
16:35 – Making sacrifices to “Keep Up with The Joneses”
18:25 – Knowing your limits surrounding your passion
22:40 – The origin of Suli Breaks the poet
25:50 – Pursuing an idea until it manifests into your treasure.
27:30 – Having the courage to put your work out there.
29:25 – Being booed off of the stage
32:00 – There will always be negatives so embrace the positives
34:45 – Other people will rarely remember YOUR lowest points.
35:45 – Cleaning up other people’s sh*t – literally…
38:00 – Deliberate success 

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