When Did You Start Believing That Having A Job Was The Best Way To Earn A Living?

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In this episode Cem and Wayne discuss the ways in which society steers us into believing that a “proper job” is the best way to earn a living. They discuss the indecisions that many people face when leaving education as well as our addiction to authority and more. If you enjoyed this episode, we would really appreciate a review!

What You’ll Hear

01:45 – “When exactly were you brain-washed into thinking that the best way to earn a living is to have a job?” – Seth Godin

03:45 – What do you actually want?

06:10 – Have the bigger picture in mind.

07:40 – Don’t let other people’s perception of you inform your job decisions

10:40 – Is getting a “proper job” stopping you from chasing your dreams and aspirations.

13:10 – What would you consider a successful life?

15:30 – Are your goals realistic?

17:50 – Should we even use the term “proper job”?

19:34 – Being worried someone is going to catch you out.

22:25 – Be mindful of when you’re thinking irrationally

27:00 – “No man can succeed in a line or endeavour which he does not like.” – Napoleon Hill

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