Who needs an ego when you’ve got negative friends?

Today in the Barber Shop I overheard a conversation, one guy was telling his friend about a new business idea which involved cutting hair for those who were house bound through disability, quickly his mate shot it down and explained every reason why it would never work and so in a matter of minutes the idea was lost.

Everyday we think of millions of good ideas but in order to see them through we first need to create our own internal ‘reality distortion field’ to sustain the belief. By surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and can help you to extend your delusion is another sure fire way to actually giving something a go.

I’m sure the Wright Brothers had many critics and were constantly doubting themselves but by supporting each other and prolonging their delusion they were able to create their own piece of reality.

Stop hanging around with doubters, they’re too afraid to think out of line.

wright brothers