#23. Who Said You Can’t Be Young and Successful? w/ Blessing Maregere

In this episode Cem and Wayne interview Blessing Maregere, a multi-award winning young entrepreneur, author & inspirational speaker. He started his first business, a cleaning company, at the age of 16, which turned over £10k a month, employed 6 cleaning staff and he did it all in just 3 months. He shares with us how he did it and why having a positive mindset was key to his success.

What you’ll hear


02:40 Blessing Maregere Introduction

05:45 Did school set you up for a career in entrepreneurship?

07:00 What can schools do to promote entrepreneurship?

10:00 “Following my granddad around his business helped me to learn a lot.”

10:50 “Find someone who’s been through the journey you want to take and ask them to mentor you.”

12:20 What advice would you give to a young person who wants to drop out of the educational route?

14:40 “If you believe in yourself, other people are going to believe in you.”

15:40 How do you build a positive mindset?

17:20 “Reading success stories can be really inspiring, especially hearing about people overcoming failures.”

18:20 What common fears do you see in young people when it comes to entrepreneurship?

20:00 How do you avoid familial pressures and negative people around you?

21:00 What if someone doesn’t know their passion?

22:00 “There is nothing wrong with changing your passion.”

22:40 How do you deal with mornings when you’re not feeling motivated?

23:00 “Reconnect with your ‘why’ when you lose motivation.”

25:50 What were the first steps to starting your cleaning business?

28:00 “You can sell your service without actually having a business, it’s about testing your market and securing your customers first.”

30:00 Should entrepreneurs have idols?

32:20 “If you’re in a 9-5 job, you become an entrepreneur from 5-9.”

33:00 Are there any links between volunteering and entrepreneurship?

34:00 “Volunteering developed my confidence and taught me to believe in myself.”

37:00 What are the three first steps for anyone interested in entrepreneurship?

1) Find your passion.

2) Get yourself a mentor.

3) Network!

Powerful Nonsense Questions:

What’s the most powerful piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

38:30 “Success is about the mindset.” 

What’s the biggest load of nonsense you’ve ever heard?

38:50 “You can’t be young and successful.”

41:00 Episode Wrap Up

Find out More About Blessing:

Website: blessingm.com


Email: blessing@blessingm.com

Let Your Passion Be Your Alarm Clock – Blessing Maregere at TEDxYouth@Croydon

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