Why Are We So Compliant? Inspired By Derren Brown’s The Push


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In this episode, Cem and Wayne explore some of the reasons for why we are so compliant inspired by Derren Browns latest show The Push. We breakdown some of principles of influence taken from psychological studies which gets us questioning, are we really in control of ourselves?

What You’ll Hear

02:55 – Can our addiction to authority be hacked to push someone to their death?

07:10 – The foot in the door technique

09:10 – A need to remain consistent

10:50 – Looking for authority in a high-stress situation

14:15 – Knowing where your line in the sand is

18:00 – The compliance test

21:05 – Fit in or die!

23:45 – The rebelliousness of entrepreneurship

25:05 – Looking for structure and authority even when working for yourself

28:30 – Hack you psychological programming to your benefit

30:25 – Is technology corroding our compliance?

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