Why be rational?

“The inability to suspend judgment is one of the most prevalent aspects of irrationality.” – Stuart Sutherland

Our decisions in life are based on the information that’s available to us at any given time.

It’s easy to take the stance that finding a job in today’s economy is virtually impossible. The newspapers, the radio and that person you know are all quick to back it up and so making a rational assumption you would believe it is so.

Assuming the position of status quo, you can now relax allowing the external circumstances to remove responsibility away from your self and fester in a collective self-pity when the careless cover letters and reprocessed resumes return a null.

The irrational person on the other hand believes she is the anomaly, the spanner in the works, willing to test the system for herself. The irrational person puts her whole self in and in doing so finds a glitch in the matrix.