Why do you want a job anyway?

This is a question more young people really need to ask themselves before they starts firing their CVs out into the world. Just because it’s the done thing after education and feels like the necessary step forward in your life doesn’t always mean it’s the right step, especially if you’re focusing on the wrong goals.

Work should never be a means for survival but more so a pass to a life you want to live, whether that’s spending more time with the people you love, travelling or simply having more time to develope yourself.

Too many young people leave education and quickly fall into the trap of becoming a slave to their work. Dazzled by the bright lights of a regular paycheques they go out and buy themselves a whole list of liabilities such as a new car, their own apartment followed by a load of furniture on credit to kit it out, soon enough they are no longer working to earn but instead working to pay off their debts.

“A job is a short term solution to a long term problem.” – Kiyosaki

Don’t fall into the trap that everybody else is, here’s a list of good and bad reasons for why you should a shouldn’t want a job…

Good reasons why you should want a job:

– To learn about business

– To improve your skills

– To support a worthy cause

– To fund your new business

– To buy assets that produce passive income

Bad reasons why you should want a job:

– Because that’s what you do after education

– Because I’m done with learning

– Because I just want to earn some money!

– Because I want a car just like all my friends

– Because I want to move out as soon as possible

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, are you really ready to commit all that time on a ball and chain to your expenses? I know I certainly don’t.

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